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If you’re looking for Symplified Wireless Internet, cleelumwireless, roslynwireless, or eburg-wireless you’ve found the right place. We provide city and last mile high speed fixed wireless Internet to Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Kittitas, Roslyn, Ronald, Hidden Valley, Lauderdale, Easton, Elk Meadows, Sun Country Golf Course, Middle Fork in the Teanaway, Secret Canyon, Elk Horn Ranches. And now expanded coverage into areas of the North Fork in Teanaway!

Available now in the cities of Cle Elum and South Cle Elum our newest service product, WiFyber! It’s your super fast, economical alternative to the stranglehold of DSL and cable service. WiFyber plans deliver speeds from 20Mbps to 100Mbps with no contracts, no data caps, and unlimited use!

Symplified Technologies is the leader and number one provider of fixed high speed wireless Internet service east of the Cascade crest in Central Washington. We deliver high quality, fast high speed wireless Internet at an affordable price to most inland rural areas of Kittitas County, and we’ve been doing it for over ten years!  With the largest fixed wireless coverage area of any wireless provider in the Kittitas Valley chances are you can receive outstanding reliable Internet for your residence, home office or commercial business. Symplified Technologies is number 1 at bringing you simplified Internet the wireless way!

If you want the best city and rural last mile Internet available and you’re fed up with slow dial-up, expensive restrictive data capped satellite plans, or frustrated with poor DSL service we have a solution.  With Internet packages offering speeds from 2.5 Mbps to 100 Mbps and higher, chances are we have the right monthly plan to suit your needs.

Enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in the beautiful Kittitas Valley with dependable fast high-speed Internet service without having to worry about data caps or how many of your devices can access the web.  We give you performance and great service at a reasonable price and you are free to use it as you please in accordance with our terms of acceptable use. Symplified Technologies likes to work in Simplified ways and that’s why our service plans are sold on a month to month basis with no long term contracts, no hidden fees, no hidden charges, no added taxes, no line charges, no phone, no data caps, NO KIDDING!  

Call us today or fill out our no obligation site survey form to see if your location qualifies for service.  All site surveys are free of charge and there’s no need to be present for the survey. Survey results are sent to your email or if you prefer we will call. Once qualified we can schedule an appointment for installation and have you connected in most cases, in about 30 minutes.

Symplified Technologies is committed to providing inland rural America with high quality, hassle free, reliable Internet at a competitive price.  When you think about Kittitas Valley Internet think of Symplified Technologies. Our premium service plans are backed up with local friendly technical support Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00.

We even have a plan for the winter crowd called the Snowbird Advantage Plan.  Leave for the winter and don’t pay for the months you’re away!  Now, what Internet service provider offers that? And as an added bonus all of our customers can earn free monthly service and more with our referral rewards program. For details click here. Symplified Technologies is committed to bringing broadband to the last mile.  We can reach places that cable and DSL fear to tread.

It’s reasons like these that make our high speed wireless Internet service…..

“The Best Choice For City And Rural Living!”




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